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Lisa Jo Spencer, P.A. is a small private Florida law firm dedicated to practice in the areas of probate administration, guardianships, and estate planning. The firm serves Okaloosa, Walton and Santa Rosa Counties in the Florida Panhandle.

Florida Probate and Estate Planning

The weeks and months after the loss of a loved one are difficult enough. When concerns about the administration of that loved one's estate are added to the mix, the situation can become overwhelming. This is especially true in Florida, where probate laws are more complex than in much of the country.

With years of experience as a Florida probate and estate planning attorney, and nearly two decades of practice in local courts, Lisa Jo Spencer has dedicated her career to making this difficult time easier for Floridians and their family members. She is familiar with the challenges common to Florida estates and helps families to navigate them.

These challenges include managing the estate of a deceased person who lived in Florida, but whose executor and heirs are out of town or out of state; navigating disputes between family members of the deceased; and will contests between family members and local friends or caretakers of the deceased.

In addition to supporting families during probate administration, Lisa Jo Spencer, assists clients with guardianship proceedings, including filings, and accountings. Lisa Jo Spencer also provides customized estate planning services to try to help families and individuals avoid future conflict.

Offering the Right Support for Your Probate Needs

If you're facing estate administration, guardianship issues, or other concerns in connection with the planning or management of an estate, you probably have a lot of questions. Our firm will give you the answers you need. Lisa Jo will begin your consultation by assessing your particular needs and addressing your unique concerns. She then works with you to develop a plan for the type and level of support needed.

The focus, always, is on starting where you are, and guiding you through the legal process to where you need to be. We offer customized support and fee structures designed to minimize stress and maximize value for our clients.

We invite you to contact our office at (850) 226-4998 to learn more about how we can guide you and your family through this challenging time.

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